Friday, August 10, 2012

Lost { Christian Mom Blog }

I am lost in blog land!! I can't believe how long it's been since I posted! So to recap.....

First of all I DID make my goal of being under 130 before August 1st, although since our scale died I'm not sure if I'm still under!!! I started having some small issues with my milk supply and after seeing 128.4 on the scale I decided to stop "trying" to lose for a little while and just try to maintain and continue working out. Making milk for my twinkies is #1 to me and my body seems to struggle if I get the least bit off track! Here is an "after" that Noah took for me, remember he's only 4 :)

OK, so that's not the greatest picture, but I am SUPER excited that we just scheduled our family pictures with the amazing Rebekah at Southern Charm Portraits. I think she is just one of the BEST photographers anywhere! So excited!! Stay tuned this fall because I will definitely share them! Also, if you are in Knoxville and want family photos done this fall send her a message now because she's almost booked!! Here are our sweet babies, these were taken at 2 months :)

Ellie and Josiah

She also did some maternity photos, I need to dig those up and share! I always had to hit her up when we were in town!

Because of my milk supply being low and the babies not taking bottles (well Josiah will, but Ellie will not) we decided to go ahead and add cereal to their mornings mixed with formula (when I pump after nursing I get NOTHING). Josiah loved it and Ellie hated it. I got some apple rice cereal and Ellie loved that! It's been several days now so now I am mixing a container of stage 1 fruit with some formula and rice cereal for their breakfast and lunch. (for them to share). Josiah eats way more than Ellie!

Little Punkin trying her cereal:

I have a few of Josiah too, but for some reason I only took those on my "real" camera and need to upload them!

But, I can't leave out my little cheeser!

OK, babies want their breakfast, recap post #2 coming soon!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

600 { Calories Burned }

This morning the babies went to sleep and I decided I was going to do my run and if they woke up I would just finish it later. Normally I don't even attempt to run in the mornings when Matt is not awake because I hate my runs getting knees were bothering me a tiny bit so I figured if my run got cut short I could finish it later and it might be easier on my knees anyway. I got my whole run in (4 miles/38 minutes) and then did the rest on the elliptical with some push ups, bicep curls, shoulder press, and crunches at the end. I burned 600 calories in 65 minutes (yes I went the extra 5 minutes just two see the 600!!).

It's really nice Matt waking up and not having to get in my workout! Now if only the babies would nap this long every day! Josiah usually does, but Ellie is another story! She was up about 10 minutes before I finished, but played happily on the floor with her big brother!

Tomorrow is cake baking day!!! Noah's 4th bday party is Saturday and I am making his cake tomorrow so I can freeze it to cut it into the mini cake shapes on Saturday before his party. All the supplies are ready!!

Now I have to say that I really do enjoy baking. The boys and I make little treats a lot...and they love helping me....these cakes are a little more in depth than what I would normally do so fingers crossed they turn out OK!! Hopefully mine look something like this when I'm done.....

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4.5 Months { Mom Blog }

Tuesday I got two great workouts in. I woke up with some extra energy since the babies slept good and did a 42 minute circuit and then a 43 minute run! I burned 793 calories (total)!! Had an OK eating day on Tuesday. For some reason I am just having trouble giving food 100%. I am still staying within my calories, but my choices haven't been the best and I'm worried it's going to show this week! I thought I would be extra motivated this week since my goal is getting so close, but instead I'm kind of feeling discouraged and burned out. I had decided to start letting myself have a few things here and there that I wanted in hopes if I had one meal a week to look forward to my easier choices during the week would be easier, but that seems to make things worse. I think I do better 100% or nothing. This weekend is Noah's 4th birthday and I plan to enjoy his party, but I think other than that I am going to try to get back to 100% eating good. I seem to be an all or nothing kind of person! My schedule here isn't what I'd like either I think I had just gotten on a routine in MO that was working for me and since we moved our schedule has been turned upside down and I'm still trying to figure out something that works here. I keep telling myself I'm so close and I need to give it 100%, I'd rather give it 100% for another month and be DONE and just be maintaining then give it 50-75% and it take another 2 months!!!

One from Tuesday, I am happy with my progress, I guess. I know there is improvement, but somedays I just don't *see* it. I'm really hoping my belly skin continues to improve. I am just 4.5 months postpartum so I am hoping my stretch marks fade and my lose skin tightens back up some!! The worst part of my lose skin is just under where my clothes fall so at least it doesn't show!!

Now to show off my sweet Ellie. I brought my studio light and soft box in and set it up. I think I am going to leave it set up on the other side of the workout room because its such a pain to set it up and take it back down that I haven't taken as many pictures of the babies as I wish I had! It's just really tiring to do them both so I think I will just leave it set up so if one of the babies is in a really good mood I can take a few! Josiah always naps much longer than Ellie, so while he was sleeping Ellie and I had a quick photoshoot. Of course she wouldn't smile for me.....this last little smirk was thanks to her big brother Noah. 

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Catch up! { Busy Runner Mom }

I haven't blogged since Thursday!! Now to try to think back on what has happened since then :)

Friday for my work out I did an hour on the elliptical and burned 549 calories. Had a great day eating wise too!!

Saturday I decided to do my own little made up circuit which consisted of 10 minutes on the elliptical, a one mile run @7mph, some push-ups, jump squats, jumping jacks, burpees, crunches, and jumping lunges, and back to the elliptical and repeat! I managed to burn 701 calories in 73 minutes! Of course I really wanted to see that 700+ calorie mark so I kept going for a few extra minutes! Saturday I was under my calories, but we did eat out twice so I'm sure my sodium intake was SUPER high.

Sunday morning I got up and was ready to do my run earlier than usual, the 7 mile mark has been mentally challenging for me! I'm not sure what it is about 7 miles, but it seemed like such long distance and I kept telling myself I couldn't do it....well I did do it!!! In 73 minutes I burned 717 calories! I was so proud of myself when I finished! I think I will repeat that week of training this week which is 4.5m/4m/7m  because I think the squats and lunges I did the day before caused some knee soreness! I am going to look up some videos and make sure I am doing them right.....I'm sure it's a form problem!!

Saturday night we went out to do some photos of my baby boy Noah!! He is turning 4 on the 30th and I just can't believe it!

So, Sunday was my big day, WEIGH DAY!! LOL My goal of being 129.9 by August 1st is approaching and I was nervous about my weight, I can't say I was THRILLED but I was 131.2 which was a 1.2lb loss for the week. I think I should be happy with that considering my weight is getting lower and I know it is going to get harder and harder to lose! I just want to keep the motivation and remember after my 9 weeks of hard, hard work my goal is *so* close!! I am going to kill it this week!!!! 

On the sleep front....I don't want to jinx it, but Josiah slept 10-3:30 the night before last and 10-7 last night!!!!! Praise Jesus!!!! Ellie was only up 3-4x last night, which may sound like a lot, but it is a big improvement for her!! Once I am sure Josiah is on the sleeping through the night routine I am going to start working on getting her to skip at least one feeding. I will feel like a new woman when they are both sleeping through the night!!
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Working Harder { Fitness Blog }

During my workout today I noticed (well, I've been noticing) that it is getting harder and harder to get my heart rate up. I am so happy I can see such a big difference in my stamina and fitness level, but man those calories are getting harder and harder to burn! I remember a few weeks ago after the twins were born I was running 4 miles in 48 minutes (5mph) and thought I would never get over that hump, now I can run 4 miles in 38 minutes or so and my heart rate is still way lower than it used to be. Today I was trying to add in some speed work to get my heart rate up where I wanted it to be! After 35 minutes on the elliptical and a 4 mile run I managed to burn 728 calories. I am so happy I wear a HRM because it definitely pushes me.....I get a high when I see it change over into the 700's.....not sure why LOL

Then today when I finished up my food diary I saw this:

WOOT!!! Nothing like seeing that weight go BELOW your goal weight! YAY for my hard work paying off!!!

One a side note, my baby boy is turning 4 in only 11 days :( I can't believe it! I just ordered a lens and I am planning to take him out this weekend to do some real 4 year pictures.....I need some good shots of him....he is getting so big and handsome!! I miss my baby Noah! Just look at this handsome little guy:

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4 Months { Twin Blog }

I can't believe the twins are 4 months, really 4.5 months, these were taken on the 6th!! Wow, time flies!

I can't wait for cooler weather because I am going to enjoy having two cute models to take photos of outside! Right now it's just been so hot and since the babies can't hold their heads up well on their tummy there really isn't too much I can do with them! I have some cute outfit ideas for when they are sitting up too! Also planning a family photo for this fall! Hoping to have all my weight gone by then and I looooove TN in the missed that last year in MO!
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Almost Better { Stain Remover }

I think the kids are almost better.....I thought they were yesterday, but then last night they were up all night coughing! I hope tonight is better, so far so good. I hate when they don't feel good and trying to get sleep with 4 kids sicks is impossible.....especially when two of those are babies that want to nurse all night!

I didn't get a workout yesterday so I was determined to do it today....and maybe make up a little for yesterday, haha. I got on the elliptical feeling really tired and not sure what I was going to do, but I ended up doing a 20 minute elliptical workout, nursing break, and 5.5 miles on the treadmill.....go me!!! I always feel so much better when I get my work out in. I am so close to my goal of being in the 120's before August 1st and I reallllly want to get there. It seems like something always happens when I get in a good flow with working out and eating (this time, sick kids). Today I got a nice burn, 736 calories in 74 minutes....not too bad!

This morning I had such a nice do you go to sleep with a mess house and kitchen and wake up with a clean one, complete with a loaded and clean dishwasher??! You have a husband like mine! He has been getting home before we get up and cleaning up every day before showering and coming to bed, how wonderful is that?! So lucky to have such a great man. :-)

On another topic, I had these chairs in my portrait studio before I closed up and I loved them so much, when I closed I wanted to keep them for my house. Normally I would *never* buy anything upholstered for my family because well, our boys are messy, but since I already had them and loved them I brought them in the house. Of course they were stained immediately. When we moved here I just left them in the garage and assumed I would just list them on craigslist and try to find someone who wanted to re do them. I ran across a stain remover on Pinterest and thought that I would give it a try before getting rid of them. I'm so excited to say, IT WORKS! I only did it one time, sprayed it on, scrubbed it in (just a little) and let it sit. I sprayed way too much on I'm sure so I really forgot about them and it dried over night....not sure how long it took for the stains to disappear! There is just one spot that you can still barely see.....I think I will spray that spot again tonight and see if a second round removes it! Either way I am SO HAPPY.....way better than I anticipated!

You really can't even see the one spot unless you're looking for it. I think I am going to have to go around the house and look for more stained things, hahaha! 

I did not make this really scientifically. I really poured about 2/3 of the spray bottle full of peroxide and then finished it off with the soap. So 2 parts peroxide/1 part soap. 

Whew, it's actually 8am on Thursday and I'm just realizing I never actually published this! Bad me!

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