Thursday, July 26, 2012

600 { Calories Burned }

This morning the babies went to sleep and I decided I was going to do my run and if they woke up I would just finish it later. Normally I don't even attempt to run in the mornings when Matt is not awake because I hate my runs getting knees were bothering me a tiny bit so I figured if my run got cut short I could finish it later and it might be easier on my knees anyway. I got my whole run in (4 miles/38 minutes) and then did the rest on the elliptical with some push ups, bicep curls, shoulder press, and crunches at the end. I burned 600 calories in 65 minutes (yes I went the extra 5 minutes just two see the 600!!).

It's really nice Matt waking up and not having to get in my workout! Now if only the babies would nap this long every day! Josiah usually does, but Ellie is another story! She was up about 10 minutes before I finished, but played happily on the floor with her big brother!

Tomorrow is cake baking day!!! Noah's 4th bday party is Saturday and I am making his cake tomorrow so I can freeze it to cut it into the mini cake shapes on Saturday before his party. All the supplies are ready!!

Now I have to say that I really do enjoy baking. The boys and I make little treats a lot...and they love helping me....these cakes are a little more in depth than what I would normally do so fingers crossed they turn out OK!! Hopefully mine look something like this when I'm done.....

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