Thursday, July 19, 2012

Almost Better { Stain Remover }

I think the kids are almost better.....I thought they were yesterday, but then last night they were up all night coughing! I hope tonight is better, so far so good. I hate when they don't feel good and trying to get sleep with 4 kids sicks is impossible.....especially when two of those are babies that want to nurse all night!

I didn't get a workout yesterday so I was determined to do it today....and maybe make up a little for yesterday, haha. I got on the elliptical feeling really tired and not sure what I was going to do, but I ended up doing a 20 minute elliptical workout, nursing break, and 5.5 miles on the treadmill.....go me!!! I always feel so much better when I get my work out in. I am so close to my goal of being in the 120's before August 1st and I reallllly want to get there. It seems like something always happens when I get in a good flow with working out and eating (this time, sick kids). Today I got a nice burn, 736 calories in 74 minutes....not too bad!

This morning I had such a nice do you go to sleep with a mess house and kitchen and wake up with a clean one, complete with a loaded and clean dishwasher??! You have a husband like mine! He has been getting home before we get up and cleaning up every day before showering and coming to bed, how wonderful is that?! So lucky to have such a great man. :-)

On another topic, I had these chairs in my portrait studio before I closed up and I loved them so much, when I closed I wanted to keep them for my house. Normally I would *never* buy anything upholstered for my family because well, our boys are messy, but since I already had them and loved them I brought them in the house. Of course they were stained immediately. When we moved here I just left them in the garage and assumed I would just list them on craigslist and try to find someone who wanted to re do them. I ran across a stain remover on Pinterest and thought that I would give it a try before getting rid of them. I'm so excited to say, IT WORKS! I only did it one time, sprayed it on, scrubbed it in (just a little) and let it sit. I sprayed way too much on I'm sure so I really forgot about them and it dried over night....not sure how long it took for the stains to disappear! There is just one spot that you can still barely see.....I think I will spray that spot again tonight and see if a second round removes it! Either way I am SO HAPPY.....way better than I anticipated!

You really can't even see the one spot unless you're looking for it. I think I am going to have to go around the house and look for more stained things, hahaha! 

I did not make this really scientifically. I really poured about 2/3 of the spray bottle full of peroxide and then finished it off with the soap. So 2 parts peroxide/1 part soap. 

Whew, it's actually 8am on Thursday and I'm just realizing I never actually published this! Bad me!

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