Monday, July 23, 2012

Catch up! { Busy Runner Mom }

I haven't blogged since Thursday!! Now to try to think back on what has happened since then :)

Friday for my work out I did an hour on the elliptical and burned 549 calories. Had a great day eating wise too!!

Saturday I decided to do my own little made up circuit which consisted of 10 minutes on the elliptical, a one mile run @7mph, some push-ups, jump squats, jumping jacks, burpees, crunches, and jumping lunges, and back to the elliptical and repeat! I managed to burn 701 calories in 73 minutes! Of course I really wanted to see that 700+ calorie mark so I kept going for a few extra minutes! Saturday I was under my calories, but we did eat out twice so I'm sure my sodium intake was SUPER high.

Sunday morning I got up and was ready to do my run earlier than usual, the 7 mile mark has been mentally challenging for me! I'm not sure what it is about 7 miles, but it seemed like such long distance and I kept telling myself I couldn't do it....well I did do it!!! In 73 minutes I burned 717 calories! I was so proud of myself when I finished! I think I will repeat that week of training this week which is 4.5m/4m/7m  because I think the squats and lunges I did the day before caused some knee soreness! I am going to look up some videos and make sure I am doing them right.....I'm sure it's a form problem!!

Saturday night we went out to do some photos of my baby boy Noah!! He is turning 4 on the 30th and I just can't believe it!

So, Sunday was my big day, WEIGH DAY!! LOL My goal of being 129.9 by August 1st is approaching and I was nervous about my weight, I can't say I was THRILLED but I was 131.2 which was a 1.2lb loss for the week. I think I should be happy with that considering my weight is getting lower and I know it is going to get harder and harder to lose! I just want to keep the motivation and remember after my 9 weeks of hard, hard work my goal is *so* close!! I am going to kill it this week!!!! 

On the sleep front....I don't want to jinx it, but Josiah slept 10-3:30 the night before last and 10-7 last night!!!!! Praise Jesus!!!! Ellie was only up 3-4x last night, which may sound like a lot, but it is a big improvement for her!! Once I am sure Josiah is on the sleeping through the night routine I am going to start working on getting her to skip at least one feeding. I will feel like a new woman when they are both sleeping through the night!!
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Kalin said...

Go Megan Go! I think you were meant to be the super in shape sister. Haha! I can't believe the little cowboy is almost four! It makes me so sad. :(

The Waddells said...

Oh Megan - your babies are beautiful! Can I just tell you that I completely understand why you gave it up, but it's a shame that you don't do pictures anymore! I have yet to find someone else that I'm willing to pay the outrageous fees they're charging now because you set the standard so high for me. Thus, my poor 10 month old still has not had professional pictures done...poor guy. lol! But I just wanted to tell you how precious your little ones are and how great you look! Way to go on all your fitness and weight loss goals! Yay! :)

Rebekah said...

Love Noah's pictures! You look great. Keep up the hard work sister!!

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