Thursday, July 19, 2012

Working Harder { Fitness Blog }

During my workout today I noticed (well, I've been noticing) that it is getting harder and harder to get my heart rate up. I am so happy I can see such a big difference in my stamina and fitness level, but man those calories are getting harder and harder to burn! I remember a few weeks ago after the twins were born I was running 4 miles in 48 minutes (5mph) and thought I would never get over that hump, now I can run 4 miles in 38 minutes or so and my heart rate is still way lower than it used to be. Today I was trying to add in some speed work to get my heart rate up where I wanted it to be! After 35 minutes on the elliptical and a 4 mile run I managed to burn 728 calories. I am so happy I wear a HRM because it definitely pushes me.....I get a high when I see it change over into the 700's.....not sure why LOL

Then today when I finished up my food diary I saw this:

WOOT!!! Nothing like seeing that weight go BELOW your goal weight! YAY for my hard work paying off!!!

One a side note, my baby boy is turning 4 in only 11 days :( I can't believe it! I just ordered a lens and I am planning to take him out this weekend to do some real 4 year pictures.....I need some good shots of him....he is getting so big and handsome!! I miss my baby Noah! Just look at this handsome little guy:

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