Friday, August 10, 2012

Lost { Christian Mom Blog }

I am lost in blog land!! I can't believe how long it's been since I posted! So to recap.....

First of all I DID make my goal of being under 130 before August 1st, although since our scale died I'm not sure if I'm still under!!! I started having some small issues with my milk supply and after seeing 128.4 on the scale I decided to stop "trying" to lose for a little while and just try to maintain and continue working out. Making milk for my twinkies is #1 to me and my body seems to struggle if I get the least bit off track! Here is an "after" that Noah took for me, remember he's only 4 :)

OK, so that's not the greatest picture, but I am SUPER excited that we just scheduled our family pictures with the amazing Rebekah at Southern Charm Portraits. I think she is just one of the BEST photographers anywhere! So excited!! Stay tuned this fall because I will definitely share them! Also, if you are in Knoxville and want family photos done this fall send her a message now because she's almost booked!! Here are our sweet babies, these were taken at 2 months :)

Ellie and Josiah

She also did some maternity photos, I need to dig those up and share! I always had to hit her up when we were in town!

Because of my milk supply being low and the babies not taking bottles (well Josiah will, but Ellie will not) we decided to go ahead and add cereal to their mornings mixed with formula (when I pump after nursing I get NOTHING). Josiah loved it and Ellie hated it. I got some apple rice cereal and Ellie loved that! It's been several days now so now I am mixing a container of stage 1 fruit with some formula and rice cereal for their breakfast and lunch. (for them to share). Josiah eats way more than Ellie!

Little Punkin trying her cereal:

I have a few of Josiah too, but for some reason I only took those on my "real" camera and need to upload them!

But, I can't leave out my little cheeser!

OK, babies want their breakfast, recap post #2 coming soon!

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Kalin said...

Oh my goodness! You look awesome! Love those little babies! <3

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